Wristband Protective Case Anti Scratch Bracelet Adjustable Strap For AirTag Tracker

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1. Using TPU material, soft and comfortable, wear-resistant, non-toxic, long service life
2. The bracelet is made of woven nylon. The fabric is comfortable to the touch and the colors are vibrant.
3. Will not block the signal, will not affect the positioning function, can protect your device from scratches, bumps, damage, etc.
4. The size is adjustable, the wrist circumference is 150mm-180mm, and it is fully upgraded and can be adjusted flexibly, saying goodbye to the size problem.
5. The wrist straps on both sides can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist, which can be easily worn on the wrists of children and the elderly
6. Material: nylon braided + TPU
7. Weight: about 12 grams
8. Size: suitable for wrist circumference 150MM-180MM

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