HXSJ L98 2.4G Wireless RGB Keyboard and Mouse Set 104 Keys + 1600DPI Mouse

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Mouse Connection method:
1. 2.4G wireless transmission technology, enjoy the fast data transmission at the convenience of the wireless technology.
2. Accurate tracking: Professional IC positioning accuracy,10M wireless receiving distance.
3. Comfortable hand feeling: With special processing and advanced material, this wireless mouse makes you feel comfortable.
4. Energy-saving: If mouse is not used for over 8 minutes, it will turn to power saving mode to save energy.
5. Compact receiver: The wireless tiny receiver can be inserted into the slot next to the battery slot, allowing ease of storage when not used.
6. Three-speed DPI adjustment design, 800-1200-1600dpi.

Keyboard key function: Support 6 kinds of dazzling backlight effects:
- FN+DEL colorful horse racing: RGB running water backlight power on default
- FN+Insert spectrum: spectrum color automatically circulates
- FN+Home monochrome: 7-color monochrome cycle switching Press to switch one color at a time
- FN+Page Up: light wave mode- FN+End breathing mode: colorful circular breathing
- FN+Page Down: backlight off/on.

Mouse parameters:
1. IC: (PixArt)3065
2. Rate of return: 125HZ
3. Movement speed: 28IPS
4. Refresh rate: 3000FPS
5. Acceleration: 10G
6. Operation mode: opto-electronic
7. Connection: 2.4 GHz wireless transmission
8. Power Type: rechargeable Type-C interface
9. Number of keys: 6 keys
10. Key life: 10 million times life sound switch.
11. Lighting: colorful glow
12. Wireless distance: 10m
13. Battery capacity: 500mAh
14. Resolution: 800/1200/1600DPI
15. Rated voltage/current: 3.7V/60mA
16. Weight: 76g
17. Size: 125x64x40mm

Keyboard parameters:
1. Charging interface: Type-C
2. Connection method: 2.4G wireless transmission
3. Luminous Type: RGB glow
4. Product type: membrane keyboard
5. Number of keys: 104 Keys
6. Button life: 50 million times or more
7. Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
8. Sustainable work: 20h
9. Operating voltage: 3.0V
10. Working current: 50mA
11. Keycap material: ABS two-color injection
12. Length of charging line: 1.6m
13. Weight: 646g
14. Size: 440x140x36mm

System compatibility: Compatible with IBM PC
- Win98SE / Me / 2000 / XP / VISTA / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10 / WIN11 / Android / iOS and other latest systems

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