K-Snake WK800 Wireless 2.4G Keyboard Mouse Set Tabletop Computer Notebook Business Office House Use

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1. Connection method: USB receiver
2. Power supply: keyboard: 1 AAA battery (not included), mouse: 1 AA battery (not included)
3. Operating voltage: within 5V
4. Operating current: within 100mA
5. Transmission distance: about 10m
6. Size: keyboard about 44 x 13.9 x 2.4cm, mouse about 10 x 6.3 x 3.7cm
7. Weight: keyboard about 420g, mouse about 80g
8. Description: only the mouse and keyboard, does not include other items in the picture

1. 2.4G wireless technology, transmission and reception of signals up to 10 meters, stable connection
2. Intelligent power-saving technology, to avoid frequent battery replacement
3. Driver-free, plug and play, easy to connect, stable signal
4. Widely compatible, most commonly used electronic devices can realize wireless control, can be used for USB interface devices, desktop computers, notebooks, all-in-one PCs, smart TVs, etc.
5. Comfortable rebound keycaps, fine sandblasted texture
6. Mouse provides 800-1200-1600 three-segment DPI one-key adjustment, enhance the office efficiency
7. The mouse is thin and lightweight, compact and portable, can be carried around or put into a backpack

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