109 Three-mode Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Set

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1. Charging voltage: 3.7V
2. Button life: more than 3 million times
3. Standby time: about 1000 hours
4. Charging time: about 3 hours
5. Effective connection distance: 10 meters
6. Battery capacity: mouse 500mah, keyboard 350mah
7. Sleep time: 30 minutes
8. Continuous working hours: 200 hours
9. The mouse can be connected to two devices, and you can quickly switch back and forth between the two devices through the button on the back of the mouse
10. DPI + scroll wheel can be corrected by pressing and holding for 3 seconds at the same time
11. Connect multiple devices at the same time, you can switch with one key, easy to use
12. Keyboard and mouse share one receiver, only one USB interface is needed, plug and play
13. Support mainstream operating systems such as Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, etc.
14. The intimate noise reduction button design creates a comfortable environment without affecting the rest of the roommates and family
15. Keyboard size: about 37x12.5x0.6cm, mouse size: about 57.3x112x26.7mm
16. Three modes: wireless 2.4G, dual Bluetooth 3.0+5.0

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