A10 480x360 Pixel Projector Support 1080P Projector

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1. Support 1920 x 1080P resolution, 1800 high lumens
2. UI upgrade design, which can quickly realize the same screen of mobile phones, computers and other devices (limited to the same screen version)
3. With USB interface, support mobile power supply, easy to carry and use when going out
4. Full true color HD resolution, the picture is more delicate and natural
5. Built-in stereo surround sound cavity, double-membrane resonance, delicate and smooth sound quality

1. Display: 2 inch LCD display
2. Standard resolution: 480 x 360
3. Picture brightness: 1800 lumens
4. Contrast ratio: 2000:1
5. Display ratio: 4:3, 16:9
6. Projection size: 13-100 inches
7. Projection distance: 0.5-3.3m
8. Recommended projection size: 30-60 inches
9. Language: Support 23 languages
10. Interface:
-1 x Audio Out
-1 x 5v-in
-1 x HDMI
-1x usb
-1 x Micro SD
-1 x DC Input 12V2A
11. Dimensions: 135 x 97 x 50mm
12. Weight: 0.27kg

Packing List: Mini Projector + Power Cord + Remote Control + Instruction Manual

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