A30 845x480P HD Projector 1080P WIFI Synchronous Mobile Phone Smart TV

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1. Built-in speaker, high-quality pronunciation unit, bring surround sound experience
2. 2800 light source lumens, to meet a variety of scene environments
3. 8G large memory, massive resources and multiple applications
4. Rich interface configuration, support for multiple device connections
5. Precise and compact, easy to carry when going out, and will not take up too much space in the backpack
6. Optical lenses are used, which can effectively prevent blue light and have high light transmission. Relieve eye fatigue during use.
7. Support 5V-2A mobile power supply, you can watch while charging

1. Operating system: Android 7.1
2. Resolution: 845 x 480P
3. Remote control: infrared remote control
4. Brightness: 100ANSI
5. Light source technology: LED
6. Contrast ratio: 3000:1
7. Keystone correction: No
8. APP: downloadable application
9. Bluetooth: 5.0
10. Display ratio: 16:9/4:3
11. RAN: 1G
12. Built-in storage: 8G
13. Product size: 158 x 122 x 62mm
14. Product weight: 0.48KG

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