Ajazz 308I 84 Keys Tablet Computer Notebook Home Office Punk Bluetooth Keyboard

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1. Support system: for Mac / IOS / Windows / Android
2. Number of keys: 84 keys
3. Button life: 10 million times
4. Battery mode: 2 x AA batteries (not included in the product)
5. Bluetooth version: American Broadcom
6. Button technology: X architecture
7. Material: plastic
8. Dimensions: 320 x 137 x 30.5mm

1. Retro round keycaps, stable Bluetooth connection, smart power saving, silent do not disturb, 10 meters wireless transmission, long standby time
2. Retro typewriter elements, a combination of classic and trendy
3. Chocolate buttons, feel more comfortable, using button noise reduction technology, greatly reducing the sound of button knocking
4. The matte touch, the concave curvature of the keycap, relieves finger fatigue after long-term use, and enjoys the whole use process
5. Automatic sleep intelligent power saving, if there is no response for 15 minutes, it will automatically turn on the power saving mode and enter the sleep state

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