Ajazz K870T 87-Key Hot Swap Bluetooth/Wired Dual Mode RGB Backlight Office Game Mechanical Keyboard

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1. Backlight: RGB lighting (18 lighting effects)
2. Interface type: Type-c/USB-c
3. Transmission method: USB cable and Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0
4. Matrix: Wired mode supports full key without punching
5. System requirements: for MAC/WindowsXP/Windows 7/8/10
6. Number of keys: 87 keys
7. Battery capacity: 2000mah
8. Wire: 1.6m braided wire
9. Dimensions: 362 x 134 x 34.5mm
10. Weight: 880g

1. Dynamic RGB lighting effect, long battery life, large key position satellite axis design, scroll wheel volume and light control
2. The keyboard supports Bluetooth connection and USB wired connection, and the dual-mode connection mode supports the use of multiple devices, which is convenient for seamless switching of devices
3. Adopt the design of key line separation, wired and wireless switching at will
4. Support control and storage of 3 Bluetooth devices, select and call among the three Bluetooth devices that have been successfully paired through FN+Q, FN+W, and FN+E. When switching paired devices, the keyboard backlight will continue to flash at a certain frequency. Backlight flashing recovery state
5. The battery life is about 8 hours when the backlight is turned on in Bluetooth mode, about 100 hours when there is no backlight, about 4 hours for charging, and about 200 hours for standby
6. The large key position adopts satellite shaft design, which is convenient to replace the key cap. After repeated parameter comparison and adjustment by professional technicians, the feel of the shaft key is restored.
7. The keyboard adopts folding feet, and the input angle of the keyboard can be adjusted at will. With four non-slip foot pads, the keyboard is stable and not easy to slide
8. Hot-swappable PCB design, DIY belongs to your keyboard, free to replace the shaft body, replace it as you like

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