AULA AC306 104 Keys Retro Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Combo Set

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1. Simple operation, plug and play, easy to use.
2. The curved keycap design fits the human fingertips, making it easy to type without tiring your hands.
3. The mouse has high sensitivity and precision, fast response without delay, and stable performance.
4. Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and smoothness, effectively reducing finger fatigue during heavy use and providing a comfortable touch for your daily use.

1. Keyboard size: 445x136x35+/-2mm
2. Keyboard weight: 658g+/-5g
3. Keyboard keys: 104 keys
4. Mouse size: 109x63x36+/-2mm
5. Resolution: 800-1000-1600DPI
6. Mouse weight: 50g+/-5g
7. Mouse buttons: 4 keys
8. Keyboard and mouse connection method: 2.4G connection

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