E50 2.4G Wireless Mouse Jiggler Portable Cordless Mouse With 7 Keys(Black)

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1. Wireless technology: 2.4G
2. Wireless distance: about 10m
3. Resolution: 800/1200/1600dpi
4. System requirements: Windows 2000/ 2003/ ME/ XP/ Vista/ Win7/ 8/ 10/ MAC OS/ Linux
5. Material: ABS + matte oil
6. Battery capacity: 400mAh
7. Interface: USB
8. Number of keys: 7 keys
9. Size: about 12.1 x 7.1 x 4cm
10. Weight: about 100g

1. This is not only an external wireless mouse, but also a mouse jitter to help keep your computer active, press the mouse jitter button to enter or exit the jitter function
2. 2.4G wireless connection, plug and play, no driver required, easy to use
3. Exquisite and compact, easy to carry, suitable for travel
4. 3 DPI adjustable (800/1200/1600), self-setting cursor speed, free to meet daily work
5. Click and scroll low noise, RGB light
6. Ergonomic design to prevent wrist pain
7. Built-in 400mAh lithium battery, fully charged battery life up to 300h, long standby time, with automatic hibernation and wake-up mode
8. Easy charging via USB cable, no need to replace the battery

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