F8 IP67 Waterproof Outdoor Sports Wireless Card Bluetooth Speaker

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1. Material: ABS, silicone, metal mesh
2. Real-time broadcast with audio status
3. Plug and play, one-key switching of multiple modes
4. Built-in high-definition noise reduction microphone
5. Hidden card slot, waterproof and dustproof
6. Long battery life, 8 hours continuous use when fully charged
7. Bluetooth 5.0 chip, compatible with most systems and devices on the market

1. Product features: Bluetooth, call, TF card, U disk, AUX playback, IP67 waterproof
2. Channel mode: mono
3. Bluetooth version: Jerry 5.0
4. Diaphragm specifications: 42x77 mm
5. Bluetooth distance: 10 meters
6. Frequency response: 60Hz-16KHz
7. Charging parameters: 5V
8. Battery capacity: 1200mAh
9. Product size: 160x46x76 mm
10. Product weight: 360 grams

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