FOREV G99 USB RGBHead-Mounted Wired Headset With Microphone

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1. RGB cool lighting, excellent gaming style
2. 4-channel Hi-Fi ESS DAC decoding, richer sound details
3. ANC active noise reduction to eliminate noise interference
4. 50mm driver provides powerful bass effect
5. Omnidirectional microphone, accurate sound pickup
6. Frequency response range: 20Hz-40KHz (Hz)
7. Impedance: 20 (ohm)
8. Sensitivity: 106dB
9. Horn diameter: 50mm moving coil drive unit
10. Earmuffs material: protein memory cotton
11. Headphone size: 225 x 180 x 106 mm
12. Cable length: 2m
13. Wire core: all copper enameled wire
14. Net weight: 352g

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