Home HD Projector 1080P Bluetooth WIFI Mobile Phone Smart Projector

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1. Projection size: 60-200 inches
2. Standard physical resolution: 1920x1080P
3. Lumens: 350ANSI
4. Projection technology: 5-inch LCD screen
5. Flip function: 360 degree flip
6. Projection lens: optically coated glass
7. Lens light source: LED, lifespan 30,000 hours
8. Four-point trapezoid: supported
9. Working voltage: AC110-240V
10. CPU: 4 cores
11. Projection method: desktop front projection/desktop rear projection, ceiling-mounted front projection/ceiling rear projection
12. Network: Support 2.4G&5G WIFI, mobile hotspot
13. Remote control: panel button/infrared remote control
14. USB: USB HOST 2.0
16. Headphone output: audio output, 3.5mm connector (can connect headphones or audio)
17. Dimensions: 24.5x22.5x9.5 cm
18. Weight: 2.1kg

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