HOPESTAR P20 Pro Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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1. Output power: 10W*2
2. External magnetic speaker: 4 ohms 10W*2
3. Input sensitivity: 400mV
4. Separation: greater than or equal to 90dB
5. Signal to noise ratio: greater than or equal to 80dB
6. Working voltage: DC 5V
7. Battery 18650: 3000mAh
8. Battery working time: 4-6H
9. Speaker size: 66mm*2
10. Diaphragm size: 70mm*2
11. Jerry's Scheme: Version 5.1
12. Master: AC6966B4
13. IPX6 waterproof function
14. When the two sets are interconnected, the left and right channels are automatically assigned
15. Silicone material, comfortable to touch
16. Comes with lights that change with the rhythm of the music
17. Hand rope design, easy to carry, can be hung on the backpack
18. Dimensions: 100x100x220mm
19. Weight: 1138g

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