HXSJ M106 2.4GHZ 1600dpi Single-mode Wireless Mouse USB Rechargeable

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Technical parameter:
1. Color: black, red.
2. Material: ABS
3. Key life: 5 million times (silent design)
4. Wireless distance: 15 Mechanical parameters:
5. 2.4G wireless transmission technology, energy saving, built-in storage, no password, intelligent connection.
6. 15M wireless receiving distance, super anti-interference ability
7. The default is 1200dpi, the maximum is 1600dpi, you can set the dpi speed by searching the mouse device through the computer.
8. Quiet design, quiet and elegant office wireless mouse
9. High resolution: Maximum resolution of 1600 DPI for fluid motion
10. Add one-click desktop function to quickly return to the desktop
11. 250Hz high-speed return chip, faster data transmission, faster cursor positioning
12. Comfortable grip, stylish appearance, hidden design of USB interface at the bottom.

1. Brand/Model: M106
2. Work: photoelectric
3. Battery capacity: 600mAh (rechargeable lithium battery)
4. Charging cable length: 25cm
5. Project Type: Ergonomic Optical Mouse
6. Resolution: (1200dpi default)
7. Operation mode: photoelectric
8. Rated voltage/current: 3.7V/18mA
9. Power supply type: rechargeable (charging time 2h, working time 150h)
10. Type: 2.4Ghz rechargeable wireless mouse
11. Buttons: 2 buttons and 1 round (medium lamb) and one-click desktop button (only supports Windows system).
12. System requirements: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win8 / 10 / Vista Mac OS
13. Product weight: 77g
14. Product size: 11.3 x 5.7x 2.5cm
15. Package weight: 156g
20: Packing size: 13x 7.3x4.3cm
packing list:
2.4 G wireless charging mouse x1
USB receiver x1
USB charging cable (25cm) x1
User Manual x1
Three-level power saving mode:
1. Three seconds after entering the first sleep light flashes continuously
2. Enter into second sleep about 1 minute, intermittent flashing lights
3. About 8 minutes, enter level 3 sleep, the lights go out
Installation and use steps:
1. Remove the wireless mouse from the box.
2. Remove the mini receiver installed at the bottom of the mouse and plug it into the USB port of the computer,
Free code, plug and play.
3. This product is a built-in lithium battery. You only need to set the bottom switch to the ON position.
The charging cable is included in the package. When the cursor movement delay occurs, please plug the charging cable into the front interface of the mouse to charge. Please try not to use it when charging!

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