HXSJ T18 2.4GHZ 1600dpi Dual-mode Light-emitting Wireless Mouse USB + Bluetooth 5.1 Rechargeable

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1. T18 colorful light dual mode: Bluetooth 5.1 + 2.4 G wireless
2. Rechargeable: built-in rechargeable battery
3. Accurate tracking: professional IC positioning accuracy
4. Mute key: optional click mute
5. High resolution: Max1600 DPI high resolution for fluid motion
6. Sleek design: slim design, stylish appearance, easy to carry
Material: ABS
Key life: 5 million times
Wireless distance: 10m
Work: Optoelectronics
Colorful glowing office mute wireless mouse
Battery capacity: 500mAh (rechargeable)
Charging cable length: 25cm
Project Type: Ergonomic Optical Mouse
Mode of operation: photoelectric
Rated voltage/current: 3.7V/8mA
Power supply type: rechargeable
Type: 2.4Ghz wireless + Bluetooth 5.1 (dual mode)
Buttons: 2 buttons and 1 round (medium lamb) and mouse dpi
System requirements: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win8 / 10 / Vista Mac OS (Apple mobile devices are not supported)
Product weight: 71g
Item size: 11.3 x5.8 x 2.6cm
Package weight: 99g
Packing size: 12.7x7.7x3.2cm
packing list:
Dual mouse (dual mode: Bluetooth + 2.4 G wireless) x1
USB receiver x1
USB charging cable (25cm) x1
English Manual x1

Three-level power saving mode:
1. Three seconds after entering the first sleep light flashes continuously
2. Enter into second sleep about 1 minute, intermittent flashing lights
3. About 8 minutes, enter level 3 sleep, the lights go out

how to use:
For 2.4G wireless mode:
Turn the power switch to 2.4G mode>
Mode indicator red light> Plug the receiver into the USB port of the computer> Connected
For Bluetooth mode:
Bluetooth mode connection steps:
1. Open the Bluetooth icon on the computer.
2. Switch the switch to Bluetooth mode,
3. Enter BT5.1 Bluetooth connection mode to select pairing.

1: Bluetooth mode does not support Apple mobile devices, such as Apple mobile phones.
2: This product is a built-in lithium battery. You only need to set the bottom switch to the ON position.
3: The charging cable is included in the package. When the cursor movement delay occurs, please plug the charging cable into the front interface of the mouse to charge. When charging, the mouse can be used normally.

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