HXSJ T30 2400DPI RGB 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse

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1. One button adjustable multi-mode horse racing effect.
2. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, so you do not change the battery.
3. Enjoy 2.4G wireless technology, office casual games applicable.
4. Light mode: RGB marquee effect, the bottom of the mouse with a light switch button.
5. Wireless receiver, can be received within 10 meters of wireless.
6. 2400DPI high-precision engine, accurate experience!
7. A variety of automatic sleep modes, more energy efficient and durable.
8. Specification:
- Rate of return: 125HZ
- Movement speed: 28IPS
- Refresh rate: 3000FPS
- Acceleration: 10G
- DPI: 800/1600/2400dpi
- Wireless technology: 2.4GHz
- Wireless distance: 10m
- Material: ABS
- Battery capacity: 600mAh(rechargeable battery)
- Number of keys: 7 keys
- Interface type: Micro USB
- Work: photoelectricity
- Charging cable length: 80cm
- Button click life: 10 Million times switch
- Rated voltage / current: 3.7V/20mA
- System requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/ Win 7/Win8/win10 or latest.
- Weight: 107g
- Size: 12.8x7.8x3.8cm

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