JSY-03 6 Keys Wireless Vertical Charging Mouse Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse

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1. Vertical hemisphere design, the back of the mouse fits the palm, reducing the pressure on the wrist and fingertips
2. Thumb groove design, the surface adopts electroplating effect, and it feels comfortable
3. The left and right buttons adopt high-pressure blue frosted oil spray texture, which is comfortable to the touch
4. Three-speed DPI speed regulation, 800-1200-1600DPI free choice
5. Mini USB receiver, plug and play
6. Micro charging port, can be fully charged in 3 hours

Product parameters:
1. Material: ABS, electronic components
2. Connection with computer: wireless
3. Photoelectric resolution: 1600 (dpi)
4. Number of keys: 6 (keys)
5. Interface: USB
6. Wireless transmission frequency: 2.4GHz
7. Adjustable resolution: three gears
8. Operating distance: 10 (m)
9. Working method: photoelectric
10. Wheel direction: touch the wheel
11. Built-in battery: 500mAh lithium battery
12. Dimensions: 10.6 x 7.3 x 6 cm
13. Product weight: about 130g

Packing list:
Mouse x 1
USB receiver x 1
USB data cable x 1

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