K-Snake BM520 9-button 3200DPI 2.4G RGB Wireless Dual-mode Gaming Mouse

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1. 9 shades of backlighting are available to meet your needs for different gaming styles. You can change the backlight mode by the brightness adjustment button at the bottom.
2. 3-speed variable DPI, 1200-2400-3200
3. 2.4G wireless technology, output receiving signal up to 10 meters, stable connection
4. Rechargeable design, support plug-and-play, long life
5. Cool shell with honeycomb hollow embellishment, full of technology
6. Can be used for devices with USB ports: desktop computers, notebooks, all-in-one computers, smart TVs, etc.
7. Number of keys: 9 keys
8. Battery: 600mA rechargeable battery
9. Product size: 127x83x44mm
10. Connection: 2.4G wireless connection

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