LANGTU LT-L8 102 Keys Three-Mode Mechanical Office Game Wireless Keyboard

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1. Macro definition, long-lasting battery life, multi-device connection, full-key no punching, full-key switchable shafts, cool lighting effects, silicone silencer pads, one-key switching dual systems, hot-swappable shafts
2. RGB full-color backlight, free to switch, Ambilight
3. Fence shaft core, the structure makes the shaft body stronger, the light-transmitting upper cover is made of transparent PC material, which improves the light efficiency and light transmission.
4. Palladium gold contact copper sheet, trigger key switch, high mystery gold-plated spring, improve the smoothness of the hand
5. The light phoenix shaft and the light bear shaft have stronger shaft feel, higher pressing smoothness, no obstruction, smaller trigger force error, and stronger hand feeling experience
6. Metal positioning plate, high-toughness silicone silencer pad, reduce knocking noise, mechanical axis PCB board electrical connection carrier, bottom cover combined with built-in accessories
7. PBT keycap, linear mechanical axis, comfortable feel, waterproof and sweatproof
8. All keys support hot-swap board, DIY replace the shaft independently
9. Three-mode connection, stable signal transmission, meet various needs, make daily use more flexible
10. Wired Type-C/USB-C interface, adopting the key line separation design, one line is multi-purpose, convenient introduction, stable transmission, plug and play
11. Three-speed foot support, multi-angle adjustment, ergonomic design, reduce finger fatigue
12. 102-key scientific layout, preserving functional integrity
13. Exclusive program driver, free to define your own keyboard
14. Power mode: USB charging / built-in lithium battery
15. Battery capacity: 3200mah
16. Material: ABS shell + PBT keycap
17. Number of keys: 102 keys
18. Connection method: wireless bluetooth / wired / wireless
19. RGB lighting effects: 23 lighting effects
20. Support system: for Mac/Windows/ios/Android etc.
21. Dimensions: 423 x 131 x 38mm
22. Weight: about 1.2kg

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