MOFii 888 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set with Tablet Phone Slot

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1. Material: ABS
2. Mouse buttons: 3
3. Keyboard keys: 100
4. Keyboard/mouse interface: USB
5. Power supply: AAA battery (not included)
6. System requirements: WindowsXP/Win7/Win8/W10
7. A 2.4G wireless transmission, keyboard and mouse for use
8. The card slot is suitable for mini tablets and mobile phones within 19.5 cm
9. The bottom angle is 6 degrees, which is ergonomic and relieves hand fatigue
10. Independent keycap, fits the fingertips, and is comfortable to use
11. Intelligent automatic sleep design, high efficiency and energy saving
12. The mouse is equipped with a 1200DPI precision sensor to meet the needs of daily use
13. Keyboard size: 375 x 145 x 25 mm
14. Mouse size: 103 x 96 x 35 mm
15. Keyboard weight: about 550g
16. Mouse weight: about 75g

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