ONIKUMA X7 Pro USB + 3.5mm RGB Lighting Gaming Wired Headset(Black)

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1. The ear shell decorative piece is designed with a hollow starry sky pattern, and the colorful breathing lights are on and off, like the stars in the sky twinkling. The LOGO pattern adopts the two-color printing process for the first time, using multiple printings, and multiple fixtures are accurately positioned to ensure the effect of the two-color pattern.
2. The microphone switch and volume adjustment switch are integrated on the ear cup, which is simple and convenient to operate, while reducing the weight of the wire
3. The arm guard and head beam are designed with integrated molding, which has good toughness and passes the 180-degree high standard twist test. Lightweight high gauge, the whole machine weighs 252G, and there will be no pressure when worn for a long time
4. The ear shells, head beams, and decorative pieces are designed with high-gloss on a large area, and the strip and triangle high-gloss patterns are designed to show fashion. They are injection-molded with imported mirror mold steel.
5. Speaker diameter: 40mm
6. Impedance: 20dhm +/- 15%
7. Sensitivity: 100db +/- 3db
8. Frequency: 20-20000Hz
9. Microphone size: 6x2.7mm
10. Microphone sensitivity: -42db-b +/- 3db
11. Microphone Impedance: 2.2 kohm
12. Directionality: omnidirectional
13. Headphone jack: USB +3.5mm
14. Jack cable length: 1.9m +/- 0.2

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