Original Xiaomi Youpin MIIIW 85 Keys 2.4GHz Mini Bluetooth Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard

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1. Main material: aluminum alloy, ABS
2. Battery type: No. 5 AA battery (not included)
3. Input parameters: 1.5V/100mA
4. Connection mode: Bluetooth low energy 4.2, radio frequency 2.4GHz
5. Working range: about 8m (the wireless receiving range depends on the working environment)
6. The support system is recommended to adapt to Windows 10, macOS 10.10 or Android 6.0 and above
7. The scissor foot structure is adopted to make the keys more uniform
8. 8 degree angle design, more convenient operation
9. Laser carved characters, clear and wear-resistant
10. Size: 320.5x125.5x24.5mm

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