Q3 4K Mobile Phone Projector Home Office Integrated Projector

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1. Function: Multimedia version: support set-top box, HDMI input, computer, U disk, TF card; same-screen version: support computer, mobile phone wired/wireless screen, U disk, TF card; smart version: built-in Android system, four-corner trapezoid Correction, 4+64G memory; Voice version: support voice and voice control, built-in Android system, four-corner keystone correction, 4+64G memory;
2. MEMC motion compensation makes watching blockbusters more enjoyable
3. Four-way screen correction, support side projection
4. 8Wx2 high power dual stereo speakers
5. 1.36:1 golden throw ratio, with infinite zoom function
6. It can be connected with the mobile phone via bluetooth and turn into a bluetooth speaker in seconds
7. Interface: 3.5mm headphone jack/HDMI interface/USB interface/TF card interface
8. Voltage: 100-240V (V)
9. Power: 80W (w)
10. Resolution: 1920x1080dpi
11. Brightness: 9000ANSI lumens
12. Projection lens: pure glass lens
13. Projection painting size: 30-300 inches
14. Body size (mm): 125x125x15

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