Q3 HD Portable Office Wireless Smart Projector

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1. Material: PC+optical glass
2. Projection size: 50-120 inches
3. Resolution: 1920x1080P
4. Brightness: 420ANSI
5. Extended support: U disk/removable hard disk (not included)
6. Operating system: Android 9.0
7. Projection distance: 1.3-5 meters
8. Control method: remote control/voice
9. 3-meter close-up experience, which can significantly improve the picture quality while reducing the picture
10. Intelligent frame insertion algorithm, high-speed motion picture is smoother, do not miss every wonderful moment
11. High light transmission glass lens, high refractive index, more realistic imaging, reducing eye irritation and not easy to cause fatigue
12. Honeycomb sound hole design, auxiliary sound, optimized heat dissipation
13. HIFI sound quality, professional cinema-level surround sound
14. Weight: 1.26kg
15. Dimensions: 130x126x152mm

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