SOMIC G951PINK Head-mounted 7.1 Channel Anchor E-Sports Game Headset Wheat(Pink)

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1. Directionality: omnidirectional
2. Sensitivity: -44dB
3. Impedance: within 2.2 kΩ
4. Microphone size: about 6 x 2.8mm

1. Impedance: 32 ohms
2. Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
3. Output sound pressure: 115dB
4. Socket: USB
5. Diameter: about 40mm
6. Cable length: about 2.2m
7. Weight: about 420g

1. Detachable cat ear design
2. 40mm sound unit
3. Realistic virtual 7.1 multi-channel technology, more realistic game sound effects, restore the game scene
4. Large size earmuffs, passive noise reduction function, comfortable to wear
5. Powerful sound effects associated with vibration system, providing better gaming, audio and video 4D experience
6. LED white breathing light
7. Lightweight design of suspended head beam, retractable, leather headband
8. Bendable soft noise cancelling microphone

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