T&G TG312 LED Outdoor Portable Multifunctional Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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1. Adopt advanced wireless audio decoding chip to support wireless device connection;
2. Support FM radio, you can directly search and listen to regional radio stations;
3. The tone is soft, clear and dynamic, with distinct layers;
4. Direct reading TF card and U disk;
5. The wireless receiving distance can be up to 10 meters;
6. Support connection to mobile phone/computer/and TV wireless pairing to play music;
7. No connection in wireless mode, automatic shutdown after half an hour;
8. With outdoor flashlight, ultra-long-distance lighting, the bracket can be rotated 360 degrees;
9. With power display function;
10. Support 2 speakers to play TWS in series at the same time, enjoy stereo sound quality;
11. With a fixed bracket, nut interface, fixed rotation, the speaker can be rotated 360 degrees, left and right adjustment.

1. Bluetooth specification: V5.0,
2. Wireless transmission range: 10m
3. Battery capacity: 1200mAh
4. Charging time: about 3H
5. Built-in voltage: 3.7V
6. Normal volume playback time: about 3H
7. Speaker specifications: 45mm x 2,
8. Speaker power: 5W x 2
9. Product size: 186.6*62.2*63.3mm
10. Product weight: 402g

Packing List:
Bluetooth Speaker x 1
User manual x 1
USB cable x 1
Audio cable x 1

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