T6 3500ANSI Lumens 1080P LCD Mini Theater Projector

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1. Imaging unit: LCD
2. Resolution: 1280 x 720
3. Brightness: 3500ANSI lumens
4. Light source type: LED
5. Language: 23 languages
6. Image size: 30-170 inches
7. Projection ratio 16:9/4:3
8. Contrast 800:1
9. Machine power: 70W
10. Input interface: USB/TF/HDMI/AV
11. Interface output: headphones
12. Input voltage: 12V-2A
13. 30000 hours LED lamp life
14. Turbine circulation airflow concealed heat dissipation design, the system fully optimizes the air duct curve, enhances the heat dissipation effect, and ensures stable and smooth system operation.
15. Built-in composite diaphragm with high temperature and high volume speaker to create a wide and realistic listening sound
16. Can be placed at multiple angles, support trapezoidal up and down correction
17. Product size: 25x17x8cm
18. Weight: 1.28Kg

Package List
1. Projector Host (lens cover, dust-free cloth) x 1
2. Power Adapter x 1
3. Remote Control x 1
4. AV Cable x 1
5. Manual x 1

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