Wanbo Projector TX1 Same Screen Version Projector 720P 350ANSI Lumens Wireless Theater, EU Plug

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1. Projection technology: LCD
2. Light source: LED
3. Light source brightness: 5000
4. Resolution: 1280 x 720
5. LED bulb life: 20000 hours
6. Throw ratio: 1.35:1
7. Projection size: 40-120 inches, it is recommended to cast 40-60 inches with shading during the day and 60-100 inches at night
8. Screen aspect ratio: 16:9
9. Focusing method: manual
10. USB: USB2.0
11. Dimensions: 220 x 185 x 80mm
12. Weight: 1236g

1. The shell is integrated and simple design, dual 6028 fans, low noise, 720P physical resolution, pure glass lens, dustproof treatment.
2. 1280 x 720 powerless resolution, maximum support 1080P decoding, the text is clear and sharp, the colors are more vivid and vivid, and the projection screen has no borders.
3. Using diffuse reflection imaging, non-direct light source, it is not easy to fatigue the eyes when watching for a long time.
4. Wireless screen projection (iOS/Android): In the same network environment of the mobile phone and the projector, open the movie and click the TV icon to cast the screen, supporting many movie and TV apps. (No WiFi can use the projector hotspot on the same screen)
5. 1.35:1 throw ratio, suitable for home environment room, 3 meters can cast 100 inches.
6. Interface: AV x 1, 3.5mm x 1, USB x 1, HD x 1

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