Wanbo T2 Max English TV System Version Smart Projector 1080P LED Portable Projector, International Edition

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1. Brighter and clearer
2. Built-in smart TV system
3. Four keystone correction, support side projection
4. Low noise and fast heat dissipation
5. 1080P physical resolution
6. Use 3Wx2 left and right channel speakers
7. Under the same WIFI, mobile phones, TVs, and computers can all realize screen projection.
8. HDR10 decoding technology can provide more dynamic range and image details, making the picture look more delicate and natural.

1. Projector type: TV desktop projector
2. Model: T2 Max English TV system version
3. Projection technology: LCD
4. Light source: LED
5. Light source brightness: 5000
6. Physical resolution: 1080P
7. LED bulb life: 20000 hours (good heat dissipation)
8. Battery: No. 7 (without battery)
9. Projection ratio: 1.35:1
10. Projection size: 40-120 inches
11. Aspect ratio: 16:9
12. Focusing method: manual
13. Body memory: 16GB
14. USB: USB2.0
15. Bluetooth: 4.0
16. Wireless LAN: 802.11b/g/n
17. Language: English

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