WhatPlus Retro Computer Gaming Wireless Bluetooth Headset Sponge Earmuffs

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1. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds until the indicator light is on, and it will automatically enter the Bluetooth pairing mode when it is turned on
2. Turn on the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone, select WhatPlus and after the connection is successful, a slight voice prompt will appear
3. Skin-friendly sponge earmuffs, breathable and not stuffy ears, soft and comfortable to wear
4. Bluetooth 5.2 chip, fast connection, stable transmission, stable signal
5. Sponge earmuffs, comfortable to block noise
6. 58 ohm high impedance unit, polymer non-fiber DuPont crystal diaphragm
7. Small size, easy to fold and store
8. Transmission range: 10 meters
9. Chip type: Zhongke Lanxun
10. Impedance: 58 ohms
11. Charging interface: Type-C/USB-C
12. Sensitivity: 121 decibels
13. Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz
14. Bluetooth protocol: 5.2
15. How to use: head-mounted
16. Charging voltage: 5V
17. Charging time: about 2 hours
18. Bluetooth decoding format: SBC, AAC
19. Speaker type: 40mm moving coil unit
20. Playing time: 15h
21. Battery capacity: about 500mah
22. Weight: about 65g

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