XINMENG N520 Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set(Blue)

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1. Material: ABS, electronic components
2. Number of keys: keyboard: 104 keys, mouse: 4 keys
3. Keyboard wireless distance: 8-10 meters
4. Mouse DPI files: 800-1200-1600
5. Working mode: photoelectric
6. Built-in battery: keyboard: 1000mAh lithium battery, mouse: 600mAh lithium battery
7. Keyboard charging interface: Type-C/USB-C
8. Mouse transmission mode: 2.4G/Bluetooth
9. The mouse has three-speed DPI adjustment, which is responsive and easy to operate.
10. The keyboard adopts a 15-degree inclined footrest design, which is ergonomic and more comfortable to type.
11. Using 2.4G wireless receiver + Bluetooth connection, high-speed and stable connection
12. Keyboard size: 50 x 13.8 x 3.5 cm
13. Weight: 852 grams

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