YG220 Same Screen Version Children Projector Mini LED Portable Home Speaker Projector

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1.Model: YG220.
2.Material: ABS.
3.Imaging technology: LCD.
4.Resolution: 480x272.
5.Lighting type: LED.
6.Projection size: 20mlx80in.
7.Projection distance: 1.5m-2.5m.
8.Projection ratio: 16:9.
9.Contrast: 800mm.
10.Full power: 10W~24W (maximum).
11.Input API: USB2.0x1/HDx1/Micro SD/AV.
12.Interface output: headset.
13.Input voltage: 12V-2.5A.
14.Net weight of product: 628g.
15.Host size: 146x110MM
16.Packaging includes: projector host+remote control+power adapter+instruction manual+packing box

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