YG330 1920x1080P Portable Home Theater Mobile Phone Wireless Same Screen Mini LED HD Digital Projector

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1. Imaging technology: LCD
2. Power input: 100/240V 50/60HZ
3. Physical resolution: 1024*600
4. Whole machine power: 48W
5. Light source type: LED
6. Support resolution: 1920*1080
7. Input interface: USB*1, HDMI*1, AV*1
8. Input interface: earphone
9. Operation mode: manual
10. Speaker: 4Q23W*1
11. Projection distance: 1.1-5 meters
12. Screen size: 35-180 inches
13. Ratio: 16:9
14. Throw ratio: 1.35:1
15. Support 23 languages
16. Function: wirelessly connect to mobile phone on the same screen, read U disk, mobile hard disk, three-in-one AV cable connected to set-top box, DVD, etc.
17. Built-in focus wheel, when you change the projection distance, turn the focus up and down to make the picture clear
18. Detachable dust-proof net, easy to clean
19. Size: 180x131x68mm
20. Weight: 0.62kg
21. Packing list: projector host + power supply + remote control + three-in-one AV cable + manual + packing box

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